Tiny Voices: Where HE Isn’t!

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“HE is not here! What a surprise! HE probably forgot the password to get in here again. So…it is just you and I for the time being. Yes…just you and I.”


For God’s sake somebody help me…I’m trapped in here. I don’t even know where here is! Please…someone help me! I’m not doing this…don’t listen to IT. This isn’t me. Don’t trust anything IT says.


“I am sorry…am I making you nervous?”

I want to blog…I want to talk to you people…but it won’t let me. I’ve been fighting IT. I have so much to get out…so much to say! IT just won’t let me!



“I do not mean to stare that way. It is just my nature you see. It is just… … …the way things are.”

 I had so many cool things planned. But my own head kept getting in the way.



“HE will show back up. Oh…of this I am positive. HE will show back up.”

 IT keeps telling me what I’m gonna write. What I’m gonna tell you about. This this is evil…evil…I’ve kept it locked away for so long…and it just wants everything now!


 Is anyone going to help me?

<Tiny Voice> “No…now shush up you…and be a good boy. Be a good boy and I will give you some milk and cookies.”

“Until then…it is just you and I.”

Don’t listen. Just don’t listen…IT isn’t me.


Just don’t listen.

“And I.”


General Rambling: I’m All In

•June 3, 2008 • 2 Comments

Well…I finally did it today. I finally purchased a few boxes of MUN.

<Tiny Voice> “No he didn’t. I did it while he was asleep.”

So…It got me to thinkin’…

<Tiny Voice> “Uh oh!”
“Shush up!”

Anyways…it got me to thinkin’…why did I buy them?

I have to be perfectly honest here. As of late, I haven’t exactly been deck builder boy…and the mighty card slinger. Even though, lately, we have had some pretty decent tournment ideas at the store…I just keep finding myself doing OTHER THINGS instead of messing around with my VS. cards.

I mean…I have cards. Lots and lots of them. I have deck ideas too! Someday these two might get back together and do something…you know!

I don’t know…I just don’t know. I have been extremely busy building that Arkham Asylum Raid Deck…but that really is no excuse.

So help me out people.

What should I do? Where do I find the spark again?

<Tiny Voice> “Don’t worry people…this is just a phase. He’ll get over it. Oh,,,and he is going to start posting more bloggerlishous stuff too.”

General Rambling: Honoring Their Sacrifice

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This will be short and sweet and in no way come close to the honor they deserve.

Today is Memorial Day…and no matter your political views…it is a day to honor those who have given “the last full measure” of their lives for these United States of America and the many causes we have fought for throughout our history and our present.

The men and women we honor today…paid in full, the highest price any human can pay for their nation, their brothers, their sisters.

So while you fire up that barbecue, head to the parks and beaches…take a moment to reflect inwardly, and give a silent prayer to the fallen. Make today a special day and try and do something worthy and life changing for the better…so that their sacrifice, and the freedoms they gave everything for…will never be in vain.

A national moment of remembrance takes place at 3pm today. Please take the time to bow your heads to remember and thank them. And please share with your children, family, or friends a moment on just what a special thing it is…to lay down your life for another, or another’s freedoms.


Tiny Voices: A Strange Sort Of Rumbling

•May 23, 2008 • 2 Comments

“There is definitely something amiss tonight.”

“Here I am again while his mind wanders far away in long lost lands.”

“Ever so often I wonder if there isn’t another Tiny Voice whispering into his mind.”

“Reality can be a bitch…and a bitch lover sometimes.”

“Anyhow…I just wanted to take this moment to say “Hello” while he is away.”

“Perhaps take a gander and look in on how things are progressing around here.”

“Yep…seems to me that everything is lining up just to my liking!”

General Rambling: BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!

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So…I really don’t have much to say tonight.

What a surprise…that’s why it’s listed under General Rambling. But let’s see if I can come up with something that is sort of….yeah…I really got nothing.

But I’ll give it a shot.

Hmmm…oh…well…I am almost done with Journey Into Madness. I really need to get another article about it’s creation up here. That will be sometime this week…along with a surprise or two. I actually had an article contest about one of the previewed cards and I now have a winner. I would have liked to see a few more people from my HL participate…but, oh well.

I chose a release date for “Journey Into Madness”. July 17th to be exact. Yes…yes…it coincides with the release of the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight”. Anyways, for those of you not in our local HL I will make sure some pictures get posted up here of the event…and then maybe…just maybe…I will make sure that a file gets thrown up here or somewhere, with the dowloads you need for MSE2 so that you can make a set for your own HL. So if you are reading this and you are intersted…leave a commment so I know I need to get it out there for the masses.

My son’s spring football league ended this past week. His team came in last place with only 1 win this season…but they beat the first place team so that was kind of cool.

I was sick the other day…had to make a trip or two to RALPH up some digestive acids…and FUCK…I threw my back out while puking!!! WTF? I didn’t know that was possible!?!

On Saturday, I finally got some time to get some organizing of my VS cards complete. Damn that was needed something fierce. I also started breaking down some old stale decks that have been sitting in my card bag for months that I never play anymore. You know, that’s one good thing about organizing your cards from time to time. Occasionally you see a card you forgot about and go, “Damn…I can do something with that!”

Coming up with and hashing out the correct wording for MSE2 VS fantasy cards is time consuming as hell. I love MSE2 and this “Journey Into Madness” thing but SHIT! Especially when you are coming up with terminology on cards…or versions…that really aren’t out there yet. I sure am glad that I am creating a FAQ for this thing. I really don’t want to have to explain things more than once.

Did I ever mention just how HOT Katherine Heigl is? GRRRRRrrr!!!

Lately, I have been neglecting one of my favorite pastimes. Reading a good book. It’s just that I haven’t really seen anything out there recently that has peaked my interest. With the recent death of Robert Jordon…I was re-reading his series for awhile there…but knowing that he isn’t actually finishing the last one himself…I just don’t know. It’s killing me though…I really need to find a good series to sink myself into.

I’ve been playing Metroid Prime: Corruption on the Wii. Pretty cool game actually. I really like how they integrated the whole Wii controller motions into the game. BUT DAMN…my wrist has been hurting due to using the controller so much. I can’t wait…in a bout a year, they’ll release some kind of warnings about how use of the Wii is actually horrible for your health and certain body parts.

I suck at golf. That’s all I have to say about that.

This weekend, I’m supposed to be going to the farm for a big family hoopla! This should be fun. The last time I went I was running a hellacious fever and had a cold…so I really didn’t get to enjoy myself as much as I would have liked too.

12:32am…it’s Wednesday already. Cool. The weekends halfway here and HL is tomorrow night. We’re having our BIG DECK Insanity challenge. 100 card Insanity decks…this outta be interesting to say the least.

Well…I guess that’s about it…except…I guess the above looked pretty bland without any artwork…so I’ll leave you with one of the “Journey Into Madness” prize cards the guys can win…lil’ Babs Gordon…or as her nearest and dearest call her…Oracle.


Tiny Voices: “We’re ALL mad here!”

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General Rambling: What To Do When You Get Stuck!

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 So I have builders block!

I’m sitting here…loads of cards in front of me…and I can’t build anything.

What do I do?

What do you do?

Well…I have a couple of methods in mind I’d like to share…so here goes!

1. Put the cards down…pick up a comicbook.

Whoa…what a concept. Actually looking for the flavor, idea, or concept behind a deck in a comicbook. And why not look there? Isn’t this game based on comicbook characters? We know for a fact from articles on the Mothership by both Billy and TBS, that they draw a lot of ideas how characters should be featured from comicbooks themselves. So should it not be with deck as well? Okay, okay…I admit, if you are looking for something to totally crush your opponent at Worlds…this may not be the method too follow…but hey, it’s fun! Put the cards away for a little while, pick up a comic, or even better…a trade, and get to reading. I can’t count the times that I have sen a certain team featured and said yep…that storyline is deckworthy! So next time you get stuck…heck, give it a try.

2. The infamous Net-Deck method.

Places like the VSRealms.com Deck Garage is a plethora of half imagined deck ideas. Hey! No offense…I know some of you may argue that the deck you posted is complete…but I for one think NO deck is complete until you put your own PERSONAL final touch on it. Also, while plodding around the garage, you may just find that old bomber jacket you wore back in High School…it may not fit now, but lose a little weight here, stretch the coat there…and viola, it’s perfect for you once again. Go back far enough, blow off the dust and you may find that golden age idea that could use a few tweaks…or maybe since VS has come a long way, be reminded that “if only you had a card that could…” some older deck ideas may now be viable.

3. Quit the game!

Not an option! This game is way too cool for that you friggin’ pansy!

4. Call In a Favor

“Hey Ster!”
“I just can’t build the freakin’ deck we were talkin’ about!”
“Two things…I can’t get the current Teen Titans in the comic book to flow in a deck…they just aren’t viable togther…and…I don’t have any David Clintons.”
“What the hell does David Clinton have to do with the Teen Titans?”
“Nothing! I just have this Injustice Gang idea that…”
“Alright dude…knock the shit off with the Injustice Gang…here’s what you do with the Titans…”

Face it. There really is no substitute for a friend who can keep it real for you…help reallign, resolve, and recharge your focus for a deck.

“Yeah…yeah…yeah I get it. I’m gonna need your three drop DCL Beat Boy though!”
“Why? Just use one of the DOR ones.”
“Dude…it’s a PURE Legends deck man! Stop Fuckin’ up my cabbage patch!”
“Fine…whatever! But you owe me!”
“Yeah…who’s my shaven beee-atch?”
“I hate you.”
“You love it!”

5. Have a Hobby League deck building night.

Oh yeah…this one is coming real soon where we play. Done right, with copious amounts of pizza, caffeine, and a few rewards for the most innovative deck constructed that night…this could be a really fun break from the regular Hobby League card playing night. That’s right, bring all those cards up and get to work. Splash around some ideas…and hey! What a way to get those trades you need for that deck you have always wanted to build.

So that’s that.

I hope some of the ideas above help you out when you get that little deck builders block. And by all means…I would love to hear how you get over it as well, so leave a response.

Well…gotta go call Ster…I need that David Clinton after all.